Read below to find answers to frequently asked questions about our cookies and dough!

How is your cookie dough edible and safe to consume?
Our cookie dough is absolutely safe to consume because we do not use any raw eggs or egg product in our dough. We also make sure to use heat treated flour 100% of bacteria and e.coli.

Can I bake your cookie dough at home?
No, because our dough does not have eggs or baking soda it would not turn out to be a normal cookie and we do not recommend you try baking it at home. Why bake it when you can eat it with a spoon!

Do you use any chemicals or preservatives in your dough?
Absolutely not! All of our dough is freshly made without any preservatives right in our West Chester Pa store.

Can I store my dough if I want to eat it later or don’t finish it?
Of course! Our customers love to take extra dough home and have it as a snack for days! Simply cover and refrigerate our dough for up to a month or freeze it for longer. We tell customers all frozen dough should be consumed within 2 months (which shouldn’t be hard!) without losing any flavor quality but you could freeze the dough for up to 6 months safely.

Does your dough contain any oils?
Unlike many other cookie dough companies online our dough is made with only real butter and high quality dairy. Use of raw vegetable or hydrogenated oils can cause upset stomach and who wants that!

Do you have any gluten-free or vegan dough?
As of this moment we do not offer gluten free or vegan dough. A gluten free chocolate chip dough is absolutely in the making and we are working hard to formulate a delicious recipe!